Contact numbers in case of an Emergency

Our team members are available to help with any problems that you may have with the property and will be happy to advise on any issues or queries that you may have during your tenancy.

We have a team of contractors at our disposal who are available to carry out repairs and maintenance at the property. Outside normal working hours the following contractors should be contacted for emergency repairs.

Please bear in mind that these contractors should be used for genuine emergency cases only. This is a premium service and the cost is higher than usual. Our experience shows that in most cases tenants are liable for payment of the emergency service requested. Therefore we strongly advise to give serious consideration to any particular case before contacting the corresponding Emergency Contractor Service.

Pride Plumbing & Heating - 01224 228228
Kelgas - 07970789695

Will Farquhar Electrician - Mobile: 07890907658

AWSthistle 07801956301
Colin Gordon 07745648239

Wayne s drains 07970 518 183 or Drain Surgeons 01224 706111

Clark Roofing Ltd- Mobile: 07925019864

Pest Control
Aberdeen Pest Control 07968247670

If you smell Gas
National Grid 0800 111 999

Aberdeen Antisocial Behaviour Investigation Team
Phone: 01224 219450 / 0845 606 6548

Public Health Nuisance (Environmental Protection)
On Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays matters of concern may be reported by telephoning 08456 080919 or 01224 219 281.

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