What happens if for whatever reason I do not pass the 'Credit and Reference Check'?

Depending on the reason of the 'Failed' Credit and Reference Check you may be given the option of using an UK guarantor if you have one.  If you can't provide one, or the reason of the 'Failed' check is such that we cannot accept you application further, any deposit that you paid us when you applied to the property will be refunded to you promptly.

Nevertheless you need to consider that you will have lost any money and effort that you had spent to put together the reference information that we require.  So please consider carefully your circumstances before applying.   We can give an indication of whether you are likely to pass or not a check based on the information that you have given us.  However our experience shows that Credit and Reference Checks fail because either the applicant held information back, or their employer / guarantor failed to respond to the referencing process promptly.

Please ask us for advise, and share all the information with us, if you feel that the Credit and Reference Check may be a problem for you.
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