How often is the property inspected and why?

We have a contractual agreement with the landlord to keep the property to a minimum standard.  To spot any deviation from this standard we rely on two processes:

1. Notification of any abnormality by the tenant as soon as the problem arises:  This works OK if the tenant is familiarised with the property, the UK regulations and normal practices, and is willing to spend the time and effort to report any problem.  Many tenants are good at this, however there is no guarantee that it will be always the case, thus we have the second process in place.

2. Regular inspections:  One of our inspectors will visit the property within four to six weeks of the tenant moving into the property. Provided that this first inspection is satisfactory, future inspections will be carried out in a three-month basis.

Tenants will be always notified in advance when an inspection is going to be carried out. Tenants do not have to be present, but if their preference is for them to be at the property we will endeavour to facilitate this arrangement by mutual agreement.  During the visit the inspector will make any notes of problems at the property and the tenant will be able to make any comments about problems that may have risen since the last inspection.  Pictures may be taken to document the current condition of the property.

Shortly after the inspection Martin & Co (Aberdeen) will send a written report to the landlord, highlighting any areas that may need his/her attention.

It is worth noting that regular inspections are not the only opportunity that tenants have to report any malfunction.  We strongly recommend tenants to report any problem as soon as it is noted so that the fault is solved promptly, and to avoid a long batch of repairs to be carried out every three months.   At the end of the day, why wait three months for a repair to be carried out when it could be done within five working days?
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