When does my liability as a guarantor come to an end?

Your responsibility as a guarantor will cease once the tenant responsibilities are fullfilled.  In essence, this will happen once:

  • All due rent has been paid.
  • The property has been vacated and the keys returned to us.
  • The property is inspected by an Independent Inventory Clerk and they confirm that there is not dilapidation chargeable to the tenant.  The Independent Inventory Clerks are member of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks http://www.theaiic.co.uk/

If the Independent Inventory Clerk  determines that there are dilapidations chargeable to the tenant, we will request the payment of these dilapidations from the deposit held by SafeDeposits Scotland in the first instance, but if there are not sufficient funds, we will request payment directly from the tenants and their guarantors.

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