Who is responsible for the TV installation?

Tenants can have any TV set / DVD/Blu-ray combination that they wish, provided that no modification to the property is required.  if walls need to be drilled, devices need to be attached to the wall, or satellite dishes need to be installed externally, the  tenant shall get authorisation from the landlord in advance.  The cost of this installation would be covered by the tenant.

Unless the request is unreasonable (extend of the work to be carried out, potential damage to the property, length of tenancy, neighbours concerns), the landlord will generally authorised the work, provided that the tenant accept to bring back the property to its original condition at the end of the tenancy.  The landlord may require an additional deposit to cover the cost of this work at the end of the tenancy.

It is expected for tenants will be able to adjust the settings and operate the TV and any additional equipment with no additional assistance.  If the tenant requires an engineer to complete the basic settings of the TV equipment, we could get it organised for them, but the cost of the engineer visit will need to be covered by the tenant.

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