Can I have my rent guaranteed?

Yes, you can!

We carry out a very comprehensive Reference and Credit Check on any applicant before we offer a lease, so we will have done everything within our reach to provide you with a very suitable tenant. 

Nevertheless the unexpected can always happen: redundancy and change of personal or family circumstances sometimes lead tenants to situations that nobody could foresee.  The lease in place will make the tenant liable to pay the rent until the tenancy comes to an end regardless, and we have a system in place to maximise the chances of rent payments to be made.  In the vast majority of the cases this will be enough, but there is always the odd case when you may be exposed.

This cases are very isolated, but if you want complete peace of mind we can arrange a rent guarantee policy that we will cover the rent if the tenant goes into arrears and the legal costs of removing the tenant if the problem persist.  

The cost of this additional cover is very low.  The two options available are:

  • Martin & Co Promise:  It will cover the rent for up to a year, and legal expenses.  There is an excess equivalent to one month rent.  Cost £100 + VAT per annum.
  • Martin & Co Promise Plus:  It will cover the rent for up to a year, and legal expenses.  There is no excess.   Cost £150 + VAT.

So if you want your risk exposure to be kept to the minimum, you should seriously considered this option.  If you want us to give you more detail on this option please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it.

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