My tenant is smoking at the property without my authorisation, what can I do?

All our tenancy contracts include a very clear clause that bans smoking at the property unless explicitly authorised by the landlord.  Hence if you have not authorised smoking at the property but you find that smoking is taking place, the tenant is in breach of contract.

The first resort, which we always carry out if you enjoy our Fully Managed service, is to send a notification to the tenant stating the serious implications that this infringement may lead to.  The situation will be then closely monitored by regular visits to the property.  If we find that the unauthorised smoking has not stopped, we will recommend to service notice to quit and terminate the tenancy agreement as soon as possible.  This process will normally take in the region of two to three months.  During that period the tenants will still have to fulfil their responsibilities in accordance to the tenancy agreement (i.e. paying rent, maintaining the property, etc.)

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