Can I ask the landlord to remove some of the furniture or appliances currently at the property after I have moved in?

The short answer is maybe, but very unlikely

We understand that you need to feel as comfortable as you can in your property and only you can determine if the property is right for you when you first visit it with Martin & Co (Aberdeen).  Any addition or removal of furniture or fittings should be agreed by the landlord and the tenant prior to a tenancy agreement being offered. 

Once the tenancy agreement has been signed, any changes to the furniture or fittings have to be mutually agreed.  Experience shows that landlords are very reluctant to add or remove furniture, with very few exceptions.  The addition of some furniture will imply the cost of additional goods, while the removal of furniture or fittings will also attract the cost of storing the goods for the duration of the property, since they may be required again for the next tenancy.  It will be unfair on the tenant if the landlord asked to add or remove furniture to the property half-way through the tenancy, thus it would be equally unfair on the landlord if the tenant asked to add or remove furniture half-way though the tenancy.

Nevertheless we understand that there may be occasion when the landlord may accept changes to the furnishing of the property, therefore we will certainly pass on any request made by the tenant to the landlord.  However, once again, we highly recommend to make these requests before the tenancy agreement is prepared for signing.

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