Should I wait for the next inspection to report the faults I have found so far?


Certainly not!

You should report any problem as soon as you notice it.   Do not wait until the next inspection.  Prompt reporting will have multiple benefits:

1.  You will be able to enjoy the property and its content in the correct condition.  You are paying a rent for a property, its fixtures, furniture and appliances (if applicable).  If something is not right you are not enjoying something that you are paying for.

2.  It will protect your contractual position.  As a tenant you have the obligation of reporting any fault as soon as you notice it.  Failure to do so may result in the landlord claiming damages against you if the problem develops further, which could increase the cost of repairing it.  A typical example will be failure to report a small damp problem that in a few weeks result in a big leak and a ceiling collapsing.   The initial repair should be covered by the landlord, but if the damage caused by the lack of immediate response could be attributed to the tenant and the landlord could seek remedy for this damage.   

3.  It help us to schedule inspections efficiently, and allocate you and other tenants the time that we all reasonably expect.  We allocate a fix length of time per inspection.  Our inspectors are always prepared to listen to anything you may have to say about the property whilst they are at the property.  They will be able to give some help in solving any problem that you may be facing.  Nevertheless inspectors need to follow an strict schedule.  After your inspection slot there may be another tenant waiting for the inspector to attend his/her property.   So if the length of your problems to report is beyond what it is deemed as reasonable, the inspector may not be able to collect all the information that you wish to pass on, and a further inspection will be scheduled.  This additional inspection will be charged to the tenant and not the landlord.

So please report any problem, no matter how small it may seem, as soon as you notice it.

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