How is my rent collected?

The rent of properties under 'Fully Managed' and 'Rent Receipt' service is collected through Direct Debit.  It is the simplest and most transparent way for tenants to pay their rent.  

The funds will be taken from your account four days before the due date, since this is the time that takes for funds to be transferred to our account.  Yes, it is a long period, but this is the standard time for Direct Debit providers (Bureau) to process payments.

If you are in a joint tenancy (i.e. two or more tenants responsible for paying the rent), the Direct Debit will be collected from a single bank account that you nominate.  This keeps the payment process clearer.

Any non-regular payments (e.g. repairs that may be chargeable to the tenant) will be also collected by Direct Debit.  You will receive notice in advance of such payment being requested from your account.

As soon as we receive any payment into our account, we will email you a receipt with the details. 

You are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

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