What repairs do I have to do as a tenant?

DIY or not?

Tenants are expected to do vary basic maintenance to the property.  This 'very basic' maintenance comprises the kind of cleaning and minor tasks that any household in the UK would tend to do without asking from any help from tradesmen.  This 'very basic' maintenance does not cover any repairs where the expected knowledge to complete it, the tools required, or the risk involved are beyond the comfort zone of the average household in the UK.

The tenant is expected to complete the following maintenance:

  • General cleaning of the property
  • General cleaning of appliances:  cooker, oven, washing machine (including cleaning of  filter and dispenser compartment), tumble dryer (including cleaning of filter), drains in general (making sure that small objects do not fall into them, and removing them if it happens by accident).
  • Changing light bulbs.
  • Changing fuses of appliances plugs.
  • Resetting tripped circuit breakers once the known problem has been isolated (i.e. light bulb failing, small appliances failing, too many appliances -particularly hub, iron machine, microwave, hair dryer- switched on simultaneously)
  • Switching on and off, or programming heating systems.
  • Graduation of radiators thermostats. 
  • Bleeding radiators.
  • Maintaining the water pressure of boiler system within limits.
  • Changing bags,cleaning filter, brushes, ducts and hose of vacuum cleaners.
  • General gardening (lawn mowing, keeping flower beds and hedges trimmed), providing that the landlord has supplied the required tools.
Nevertheless if you feel that you are not able to complete any of the above tasks without the help of a professional, please let us know and we will arrange a tradesman visit.  Bear in mind though, that it is very likely that you will be charged the cost of this minor repair that most UK households would have completed with no help.  Since a professional tradesman will be involved in solving the problem, the call out charges will start at £50 + VAT, but they could increase considerably depending on the time spent at the property.

The tenant is not expected to complete the following

  • Repair of any wall mounted electric socket or switches, particularly when there is any sign of sparking left around them.
  • Repair of light or lamps once it is confirmed that changing the light bulb and the fuse (if applicable) does not solve the problem.
  • Repair of  the vacuum cleaner, once it is confirmed that the problem is not solved by changing the bag, unblocking ducts and hose, and cleaning the filter and brushes.
  • Cleaning of roof or gutters that cannot be access with the ladder provided by the landlord.
  • Repair any small appliance once it is confirmed that changing the fuse or pressing the 'reset' switch (if applicable) does not solve the problem.
  • Repairing a boiler once it is confirmed that the problem is not solved by having the timer correctly programmed, switches in the correct position, water pressure is at the right level and the gas supply is correct (open and paid).
  • Changing circuit breakers or fuse boxes after it is confirmed that the circuit has not been overloaded by a faulty appliance or multiple appliances.
  • Gardening if the tools have not been provided by the landlord.
  • Repairing pipe leaks, once any pipes or drains have been cleared of any material left (accidentally or not) by the tenant.
If you have a repair that falls within the second category, please contact us and we will arrange a tradesman visit to solve it.  The landlord would cover the cost of this repair, unless it is found that the damage or fault was the result of mishandling of the appliance or property.

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