Can I change the details of my Direct Debit?

Yes, this can be done at any time.  

To make sure that we have the correct bank details and you authority, we will be obliged to ask you to submit the request in writing.

You may also be able to change the regular date on which we collect the rent. This is normally accommodated when a tenants employment/pay day changes so that cash flow doesn't suffer.  In this case, we will need to seek permission from the landlord before we can authorise your request.  If the change of date is authorised by the landlord, you may be required to pay a bit less rent, or a bit more rent in one particular period to bring your payments in line with the new collection date.

Please bear in mind that changes to bank account details can take up to 15 days to take effect, so please give us plenty of notice if you will require any changes to be made.

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