I currently rent a property through Martin & Co Aberdeen. If I want to move in to a different property within your portfolio, do I have to pay a deposit again?

Yes, you do need to pay a separate deposit since we don’t hold your current deposit. The deposit of your current tenancy is being held by SafeDeposits Scotland and it is allocated to your current tenancy. When that tenancy is brought to an end your current deposit will be refunded in accordance to current legislation and SafeDeposits Scotland procedures.

If you have been referenced checked within the last 6 months and you can confirm no changes to your employment circumstances or credit score you may be exempted from going through full referencing process.

 However, if your circumstances have changed or if the last check was carried out more than 6 months ago you will need to be fully referenced again.

 We will also need to confirm that your current tenancy was carried out in a satisfactory manner.


If you have any queries, please contact us at aberdeen@martinco.com

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