How to add to the Safe Sender list using an iPad


If you are using hotmail from an iPad, please follow the following instruction.  I have taken snap shots of the different screens during the process for your reference.




  1. Open using Safari  (not the mail app, but Safari) and sign into your hotmail/outlook account


  1. Press on the ‘PC site’ link  (blue link, next to the Options / Sign out / links in the middle of the page)


  1. Once on the PC site, press the ‘Settings’ link (the gear sign next to your name, in the picture  below, next to ‘Eduardo Prato’)







  1. Once in the ‘Setting’ menu, select ‘Options’ (underneath ‘Manage rules’ and ‘Manage categories’)






  1. Select ‘Safe and blocked senders’  (right column in the picture below)






  1. Select ‘Safe Senders’  (first option)







  1. Enter ‘’ as a safe domain (in this way anything sent from us will reach your account and won’t be sent to the junk folder).  To be extra safe also add ‘’ as a safe sender.  Enter one domain / email at a time and press ‘Add to list >>’.





  1. After entering the safe senders (i.e. and, check that both are in the list of Safe Senders by selecting ‘Safe Senders and Domains’ link on the right hand area of the screen.



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